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Dance lessons

Come and experience the magic of Dance Lessons.

Dance Classes can be the perfect gift for anyone.

Come and experience the beauty of Ballroom Dancing and have the time of your life.

Private lessons will get you started with the most important steps and techniques.

Group lessons will give you the opportunity to practice all the dance styles in a social setting, where we all can have a lot of fun.

  • What is the best way to start?
    The best way to start is to try our New Student Special that gives you the opportunity to try different dance styles. Private lessons are the best way to start, since we want you to have the best experience once you start dancing in the group setting. We want to offer you the best dance experience!
  • When can i take the dance lessons?
    Our studio is opened from Monday to Friday from 11am-8pm, also on Saturday by appointment. You can choose whatever time is good for you as long, as it is available and it is not booked by another student.
  • What should i wear at my first dance lesson?
    When you come for the first time you should wear something comfortable, definetly no flipflops or sneakers. After your first lesson we will present you possible shoe designs that can be a great fit for you. Once you will have dance shoes, you will feel how amazing you will feel, and also your dance will be at a different level!
  • What level of students do you teach?
    We teach students of all levels. If you are a beginner - that is wonderful, this means you didn't pick up any bad habits. Our program will help you become the dancer of your dreams in no time! If you are advanced - that is perfect, this means you will learn in no time all the amazing steps and routines that we have inhouse. We will tailor your program towards your needs.
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