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Ballroom Dancing & ALZHEIMER'S disease

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating. There are numerous medications and therapies available to you. You should see your doctor if you feel you might be developing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Dancing has been found to stimulate the hippocampus. Anything that involves repetitive motion and steps can stimulate the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of your brain that is associated with memory. Repetitive motion and exercise have been shown to increase memory function.Dancing is less jarring to your knees and hips and it provides stimulating exercise. Walking and swimming may be fun, but dancing is fantastic. You move to the music with others who love to dance. Dancing can be a solitary exercise, but it is much more fun with other people.

Happy Dancers
Dancing fights ALZHEIMER'S

Routines are good for memory. Routines help keep you in line and stimulate your memory. A daily routine will have you up and moving while enjoying your life. Sitting on the sofa all day will make your brain and body weak. Having a routine that includes moving and socializing will benefit both body and brain. Dancing with friends is a great exercise to add to your daily routine. Being around people in a social dance setting is a fun way to help with your memory functions. Daily routines that include dance encourage your brain functions to increase.

Dancing keeps your brain stimulated with new steps and movements.When you go to your dance classes, make sure to change the dances you are doing every two weeks or so. Dancing to the same song, or using the same moves will become less stimulating as the days pass. Make sure to ask your instructor to keep the dances new and exciting. One week you can learn some salsa steps, and the next you can be waltzing across the floor with your partner. When you are doing the same thing day in and day out you get bored and your brain functions at a lower level.

Dance has been shown to increase neuron connectivity and help you maintain balance. Neuron connectivity is associated with new thoughts and ideas. The more connectivity there is, the better your hippocampus will function. Balance is important too. As you age, you tend to be slightly unsteady. Exercise helps increase your balance, and dance is especially good with helping you maintain your balance.



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