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Beat Depression and Anxiety and have Fun Again!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

We are living in a new reality! This is the truth, everything is changed since February, from wearing the mask to all the precautions that we take in our day to day life!

But this doesn't mean that life has to stop and we don't have to do anything but going to work and coming home. It seems sometimes that we live the same life every single day, and we can't look forward to anything in the near future. Add the anxiety and the depression and you have a pretty bad situation.

But NOT anymore! Life is here to be lived and enjoyed! We need to do things that we enjoy, we need to work out, we need to play music and we need to dance! We need to create some FUN in our lives!

All the events are cancelled from concerts to NBA, to NFL, to baseball, to Broadway shows, to clubs, and many more! Seems like everything is canceled!