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Been thinking about how to reboot your life after being quarantined?

Even if we were busy with work at home, kids, meals, laundry, and keeping up with the news…the quarantine Blahs can be hard to shake off. Yes, we are allowed to go out but things look and feel different. And we may feel different after being cooped up. How to snap out of it carefully and easily is a challenge.

How to lose those extra pounds, how to get back in shape after inactivity, how to begin to socialize, how to calm down and cheer up.

So I revert to the one thing that I know really works. I’ve been doing it since I’m 7 years old. Now that we have opened for a little over a week I can say that people who started to dance are happier, less stressed, and have a lot of joy!

The feedback was amazing, everyone has found their joy on the dance floor.


Check a few of the benefits that dancing has to offer:

- Lose those extra pounds

- Sharpen your wits and memory

- Calm down and cheer up

- Boost your lazy libido

- Expand socially and carefully

- Be heart happy and pump it up


Start dancing today with Let's Dance Miami!


2 LESSONS for ONLY $39!

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