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Dancing into Retirement

This article was published in Aventura Newspaper March 21st edition. We are so glad that we are once again featured in the local press and also we are so grateful for the collaboration with the Vi in Aventura.

So You Think You Can Dance? Aventura Octogenarian says YES! Dancing the foxtrot, the cha cha and the rumba was never on the radar for Vi at Aventura resident Rachel Neuman, 86, but when heartbreaking grief struck, the power of dance became the hidden blessing she never expected. Six years ago, just after the passing of her husband of 40 years, Neuman was emotionally and physically depleted and needed something to lift her spirits. At her daughter’s suggestion, she found a local dance studio and enrolled in a series of dance lessons with professional dancer and instructor Stefan Ilies. The two have since built a strong friend- ship and meet every Monday for dance les- sons at Ilies’ studio minutes away from Neuman’s home in Vi at Aventura. “Dancing has given me new life emotionally, socially and physically,” Neuman said. “I am so grateful to both Stefan and the Vi for bringing so much joy and vibrancy to my retirement.” Dancing can be a fun and meaningful outlet for self-expression, exercise and social interaction for active seniors. Understanding the significance of approaching wellness from a holistic perspective , Vi at Aventura will host a high-energy dance showcase on March 27th featuring Neuman and Stefan. “Dancing offers tremendous health and physical benefits from improved memory, flexibility and balance to reduced stress levels.” said Maia Mediavilla, Vi at Aventura Director of Business Development. “We are so happy to support Mrs. Neuman in her passion for dancing and look forward to hosting a performance with this dynamic duo.” “I have seen Rachel grow into a graceful and confident dancer,” said Ilies. “She is one of my best students and will reap the benefits of dance for many years to come.” Curious how other residents stay e n gaged in their daily lives? To learn about the community’s clubs and activities, and see what’s happening at Vi at Aventura, visit Vi at Aventura is located at 19333 West Country Club Drive. To book an appointment tour, call 305-912-0613 or email

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