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✈️Do you miss traveling to different parts of the world right now?🧳 Travel through dancing!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Who said the pandemics and all the restrictions can stop you to do the things that you love the most. Traveling and visiting different parts of the world and different cultures is an important activity for many people. It creates a lot of memories and gives you a well-deserved break from your day to day activity.

Dancing can help you “teleport” for a few hours a week in different countries and cultures.

🇦🇷Once we play the music of Astor Piazolla, you get immediately transported to Buenos Aires. Argentine tango offers a very dramatic attitude, characterized by a close hold and almost cat-like moves.

🇧🇷Then we travel to Brazil where we can recreate some moves danced at the Rio Carnaval. Samba is a fun and upbeat dance, characterized by hip action and bounce. Just imagine how in one dance lesson you can experience so many feelings.

🇪🇸Paso Doble will take us to Spain. Paso Doble is the most dramatic dance of all the Latin dances. It also incorporates a lot of artistic hand movements. It also has some Flamenco elements. Sometimes it is so fun to dance it, even though it is very dramatic.

🇪🇺Waltz will transfer you to Europe, to the big castles, and to the very elegant big ceremonies. It is characterized by a smooth and elegant movement. Dancers have to take big steps and hold a very strong posture.

🇨🇺And finally, we can travel to Cuba that brings us Salsa, Cha-Cha, and Rumba.

💃We all know how fun and upbeat Salsa is. Salsa is a creative and unique way of self-expression. The way you move your hips, turn, and interpret the music is up to you and your personality.

🕺Rumba you can dance on every single slow music. This dance is best know for the hip movements that happen side to side and the rumba is danced with a basic pattern of two quick side steps and a slow forward step. Such a nice dance to practice with your partner whenever you want.

😃So you see how you can discover so many styles and travel to so many countries. Dancing is an amazing activity that besides fun and happiness, also brings a lot of benefits for your relationship, for your health, and for your body.

Release the stress, change your routine, and have FUN!😄


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