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Get back in Shape and Lose Weight! and prevent FALLS!

Ballroom dancing became very popular in USA with the appearence of Dancing with the Stars. Everybody dreams to dance and be on a stage one day. But Ballroom Dancing as elegant and beautiful as it is, also brings a lot of benefits.

Once you start dancing you get back in shape, and also lose weight and lose that belly fat. Ballroom Dancing has a variety of styles that can offer you a variety of steps and exercises. You can start with the upbeat dances like Salsa or Swing to warmup and get your body going. Then you can continue to work with some Rumba, Merengue and Cha-Cha for your hips, some Waltz and Bolero for your legs, and Paso Doble and Flamenco for your arms.

Because you have such a variety of dances and styles, your body will never get used to a certain pattern of exercises. For example you can take any of the dances and you can start with the begginer level, than by the time you finish the first 2 levels you should know more than 40 different patterns only in one dance. Now you can multiply this by more than 20 dances and you can see how diversified Ballroom Dancing is.