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Let's Dance "The New Normal"

Stefan Ilies, the owner of Let’s Dance Miami, always had the mission of sharing the wellness benefits of dancing and kept that mission in spite of COVID-19 changing the way we interact with others. “More than ever before, people tell me that they miss being part of something. They miss a community where they socialize with others and ultimately are surrounded by members who share the same passions, whether for dancing or dining out. The nightlife and entertainment industry hasn’t fully recovered and that vacancy can be felt by everyone who used to enjoy going to nightclubs, concert halls, and theaters.

Let's Dance miami students Blima moew
Blima & Moe

Besides the living room, there is nowhere to go out dancing and have fun at the moment. That is why we consider ourselves to be an “essential business”. We continue keeping spirits high and providing relief from the stresses of the world. Our studio environment is a place people can unplug, relax, exercise, listen to great music all while dancing! Dance is the most joyful activity you can do!” Two of Stefan’s clients, Blima Cohen and Moe Friedman, recently got engaged....of course, after taking a few dance lessons with Stefan! Blima said, “Moe and I have had a great time going to Stefan for dancing lessons. When Moe and I went for the first class, he was terrified and very nervous. He never imagined he could dance or even have fun trying. But Stefan won him over with his humor, patience and positivity. We now look forward to going and it turned into a great date night. With the restrictions we have during COVID, this is the perfect activity. We have a private class to ourselves, we move our bodies, learn a new activity and have fun all in one lesson! He will teach you any kind of dance, first two classes will be an intro to a few dances and then you can pick what you want to dive into. I HIGHLY recommend Stefan to anyone, young or old, single or dating, come try it once and you won't be able to stop! “

Blima Moe Dance Salsa Let's Dance Miami
Blima & Moe Dancing Salsa

Stefan explained the reason that couples come to his dance studio, “We have had many couples that have started dancing amidst the pandemic. They want to start a new activity and develop a new skill together. They want to become confident in dancing and feel more comfortable on the dance floor. When you have your next social gathering, special event or wedding you will have the moves ready to impress everyone. We’ve seen that at the beginning, most guys are resistant to try dancing, and do it (mostly) to please their partners, but eventually, they end up loving it even more than the ladies.” This pandemic brought new perspectives and opportunities for growth in dance wellness approach as well. With children now doing remote learning, Let’s Dance Miami has seen an uptick in youngsters starting to dance because there is a void when it comes to the social and extracurricular activities that the school environment naturally provides.

This article was published in Aventura News on September 21st, 2020

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