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Put dancing on your New Year MUST do list!

Let’s Dance Miami believes that dancing is for everyone. It’s never too late or too soon to start moving to your favorite tunes. Their core philosophy is that everyone can experience and discover the wellness benefits dance can bring along. Whether you indulge in Salsa (Miami’s standard dance), the Cha-Cha or the Argentine Tango, many of the skills you learn on the dance floor will stay with you for a lifetime, creating the most fantastic atmosphere wherever you go--and when you least expect a spark to re-kindle the romance.

Here are 4 reasons to take up dancing:

1. Dance to lower your stress levels Don’t let stress consume your wellbeing this New Year. Dancing is proven to release endorphins, which stimulate your brain to feel happy and in turn brings down your stress levels. Taking 45-min to turn up the music and get on your feet will be a lot of fun-and it will make you feel more relaxed for the rest of the day. Even the busiest of people (especially working professionals) need a break, so why not clear your head with 45-min of music and movement?

2. Improve your balance, flexibility and body control All types of dancing require balance to do various movements and hold positions (the sacred frame). The more muscle groups you use, the more refined they become, making you not only more steady on your feet when dancing but also in your everyday life. Dancing is a great way to become more flexible and gain a fuller range of motion throughout your body. Being flexible can decrease your risk of injury and make your muscles work more effectively. Dancing will improve your posture and keep the muscles in your back strong and healthy. That’s why at Let’s Dance Miami people “walk-in & dance- out”.

3. Same workout, less impact If traditional workouts and lifting weights are not your things, that’s okay. You can still get a great and effective workout without the risk of hurting yourself doing high-impact exercises (especially for beginners). You’ll get your heart rate up without running miles on hard ground, dance can be a great low-impact alternative. With Latin and Ballroom dancing, you’ll reap the same benefits of high impact workouts without the wear and tear on your muscles and bones.

4. Be engaged and burn calories Five minutes is a short amount of time, but if you’re on a treadmill, it can feel like an eternity. Enjoying what you do to stay active will lead to a higher rate of committing to the activity and lifestyle long-term. Most people resign from the gym within their first month, and although some individuals love running, many more don’t. Dancing is an enjoyable, active and engaging alternative activity where you can burn many calories and not wish calories and not wish the minutes would go by faster. Aerobic dancing can burn more than 440 calories per hour (jogging will only burn about 400).

Aventura Marketing Council member Shenique Nagelbush provided the following testimonial regarding her experience at Let’s Dance Miami: Shenique Nagelbush said, “Taking dance lessons has been on my to-do list for many years and for one reason or another I just kept putting it off. After attending the first AMC meeting, I connected with Stefan and he convinced me to come in and try a session. I was a little apprehensive, but I did, and I had a wonderful time meeting his wife and Jonathan (one of the dance instructors) and dancing of course!After my second session, I signed up for lessons as a birthday gift to myself. I never thought learning to dance would be so much fun and such a workout! Talk about leg day! I also enjoy the group classes. Everyone is free to be themselves, there are no egos just friends. The best thing about being a part of Let’s Dance is their energy. No matter how tired, sad, mad, whatever the emotion I enter with I always leave there uplifted.”

Take the right step this 2021 Put dancing on your New Year MUST do list!

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