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Smarter, Happier and Healthier Kids!

Kids of all ages need frequent daily opportunities for physical exercise. Too many kids are spending too much of their time on screens or sitting at their desks, and not participating in the activity their growing minds and bodies need. With the pandemic and all the restrictions, kids are doing less and less physical activities.

Dancing is both physical and mental activity for anyone who is practicing it. It is more important in the development and education of kids. Sir Ken Robinson says that "Dancing may help raise the test scores of all the kids in school"! Many experts in the field have agreed that Dancing should have the same status as math, language, and science.

We are not arguing about the importance of maths and science in kids' education, but we are saying dancing lessons should have an important role in the educational process.

Dance can be interpreted as a physical expression through rhythm and movement. Kids can express their feeling and ideas with the help of od dancing. Dancing is part of our culture throughout history. It is constantly evolving and it embraces many styles and traditions.

Many people undestood long time ago that dancing is an important part of life and the education of every single child. Many studies found out that Dance can help restore joy and stability in troubled lives and ease the tensions in schools that are disrupted by violence and bullying.

There was a study in New York City called Dancing Classrooms that took place in schools. These are the results of this amazing study that took place:

- 95% of teachers said that kids abilities to cooperate and collaborate improved after all the kids danced together

- 66% of principals said that after attending the dance lessons their students showed an increased acceptance of others

- 81% of kids said they treated others with more respect

Speaking about economics, Dance also has a lot of benefits too. Apart from being a field of employment, dancing also promotes personal qualities that employers recognize as essential in a collaborative, adaptable workforce.

One principal was impressed by the improvement in reading and maths among the 5th-grade students. The students had failing scores before the study happened. In the second year, they got up to 83%, and in the third year, they scored 85% on the reading test, the highest in all school!


Start dancing today!

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