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Dance Classes  in Sunny Isles Beach

Come and discover how fun and easy it is to dance. No partner necessary!

         Come and start your dance lessons Today in Sunny Isles Beach. Conveniently located next to Sunny Isles, our dance studio will offer you a complete experience. 

         Whether you danced before or not, we will show you how fun and easy it is to dance. Our fully equipped dance studio and the professional dance teachers will create a dance experience like you never had before.

          We have Kids Dance Lessons that will introduce the young dancers to a variety of dances: ballroom dances, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and many more...

           Wedding Dance Lessons are also available for the dancers from Sunny Isles. Let us create the most amazing and unforgettable wedding dance, that you will forever remember!

            Couples Dance Lessons is the best way for you to rekindle your romance and to fall again in love. It is the best activity that you and your partner can have in common! Come and discover the amazing power of dancing!


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