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Wedding dance


Let’s Dance Miami Weddings

At Let’s Dance Miami we believe every great marriage begins with a great partnership. Let our instructors make your first dance a beautiful memory that will last forever. We will tailor your first dance to your special song. It is our privilege to see how quickly we can have you moving with style and grace.

We offer the following Weddings programs:

  • Package Unforgettable (20 private sessions)

    • Surprise your guests with a show worthy of the YouTube Wall of Fame 

  • Package Say Yes to the Dance (10 private sessions)

    • A unique choreography with a picture perfect ending

  • Package Simple & Chic (5 private sessions)

    • Keep it simple and stay off each other’s toes



TO GET STARTED call us 786-789-4001 and schedule

your first 30-min consultation for $25





  1. What should I expect from the first Wedding Consultation?

A: After introducing your instructor and touring you through the studio environment we’ll proceed with a Q&A discussion to gather information on your wedding that will be helpful in planning for the most amazing wedding dance (Ex. Date, Venue, Spacing, Song Choice etc.) It’s okay to not have the song selected at the time of your consultation. We will teach you basic steps in the most popular ballroom dances and start your partnership on the dancefloor.

  1. What should we wear?

A: Comfortable attire! We want this the easiest and most fun part of your wedding planning process. We don’t recommend flip flops or rubber soles (unless that’s part of your wedding attire) because it will not allow you to move as freely on the dancefloor. As the date approaches will ask that you rehearse in as close as possible to the conditions of your wedding day (Shoes, Dress and/or props) in order for you to feel better rehearsed for the special day or make any necessary modifications.


  1. How soon should we start preparing for our wedding dance?

A: The sooner the better you’ll feel with your wedding dance. If you have your date secured, preparing your dance can be the most romantic activity (Date night) you do together. As the big day approaches we’ll recommend for you to come in more frequently for your special performance to be the best it can be. The day of your wedding you feel confident, radiant and just enjoy that special performance together. 


Congratulations! We look forward to working with you.

Our students Dereck & Robert are performing their Wedding dance before the big event! Practice makes it perfect! They had an amazing performance!

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